FAQ Regarding Personal Training

Here are small list of typical FAQ, please free to contact me if you have any further questions about any of our services at all!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I accept Mastercard and Visa.

How many times per week do I need to meet with you for optimal results?

I recommend two to three sessions per week, but, naturally, not everyone can rationalize that kind of expenditure. Most of my clients meet with me between 1 and 4 times per week, depending on their needs and goals, and do cardiovascular work on their own a couple of times per week as well, depending on how often they meet with me.

I'm already a member at another gym. Can you train me there?

No. My schedule is far too busy to even consider traveling. If I were to do so, my fee’s would be astronomical. Therefore, I do all my training at the gym I founded and run, Austin Fitness Center.

Is it possible to have a friend join me for a session?

Yes. Friends are welcome. The price for training 2 people at once is $140. I do highly recommend, however, that you choose an equally fit/motivated partner so there’s an equal balance of attention between the two of you.

How is it that you'll guarantee results while others will not?

Different trainers have different policies. I take a very in-depth approach to every client’s needs and work from the bottom up to guide them towards their goals. I work very closely with nutrition, flexibility as well as the actual exercise programs themselves. If a client is not following the diet he/she has been provided, then naturally, nothing is guaranteed. Same goes for clients that don’t want to commit the necessary effort. I’ve been doing this job for 18 years and never once has anyone ever requested a reimbursement of any kind or expressed any dissatisfaction with my services.

I would prefer to work out with my trainer at my home. Can you train me at my house?

No. As I stated above, because of scheduling it’s impossible for me to leave the gym for anything less than an exorbitant amount of money.

Would you be able to provide me with references?

Absolutely. There are plenty and they’re always available upon request.

I'm getting married in a few weeks and would like to lose a few pounds. Is that possible?

Yes. That’s quite possible. It all depends on how hard you’re willing to work and how strictly you’re willing to follow your diet. I work with clients to make them a diet of foods they find enjoyable so “dieting” is a pleasure, not a chore. Everything is individually tailored around you. There’s no “one size fits all” approach with me.

I've never been to a gym I felt comfortable at. I like the idea of working out, but I'm honestly a little intimidated by the prospect of joining a gym.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. When I train my clients at my gym the Austin Fitness Center, stereotypes are quickly dispelled. We’re all individuals and we all have strengths and weaknesses. The gym shouldn’t be a disco or a meat market. It should be a comfortable, pleasant place where you can enjoy your workout without the unnecessary distractions so many gyms have. Furthermore, I am far from the stereotypical self-absorbed personal trainer. A good personal trainer is an intelligent, eloquent, well rounded, patient, knowledgeable, teacher who guides you towards your goals.

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