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Austin Personal Training Results

Since I have been an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working with many different types of people. I take a very in-depth approach to every client’s needs and work from the bottom up to guide them towards their goals. Because of that, I can guarantee results, and I have had nothing but success and 100% satisfaction from my clients. In fact, I am the only Austin personal trainer to do so. Here are some personal training results, you can read testimonials plenty more from other clients as well.

Susan employed me in order to change her body's composition. She worked a high pressure job as a business executive and was often times sitting at a desk while her hips just got tighter and tighter. I revamped her nutrition, devised some stretches which provided relief for her low back, and designed workouts to put on lean muscle all the while burning fat. She lost 47 pounds, went from 38% body fat to 22%, and lost 5 sizes in her clothes! The best part? She feels great!
24 year old Rueben was a rugby player who came to me in search of a more muscular and better performing body. I devised a nutrition plan for him and after assessing and repairing a few imbalances in his pectorals and deltoids We also set to work employing specific techniques with various exercises designed to keep the joint mobility we had established as well as increase his muscle mass. We also worked extensively cardiovascularly to increase his endurance thus enabling to stay in the game longer, literally and figuratively. Rueben's body fat decreased from 31% to 14% and he was ultimately able to bench press 315 pounds for 9 repetitions and leg press 900 pounds for 12 repetitions. His endurance was enhanced equally and he was able to not only stay in the game longer, but he ended up becoming his teams leading scorer!
36 year old Angela was underweight and had chronic tightness throughout her hip complex stemming from an automobile accident resulting in chronic pain.
I devised a nutrition plan for her and began a comprehensive myofascial release program that restored balance within her hips thus allowing me to strengthen them through various exercises.
She gained 18lbs of lean muscle mass, substantially increased her bone density, became pain free, and not only able to run around with her kids, but able to run in the Austin Marathon as well!
48 year old Betty came to me a little overweight and with very little muscle tone. Her goal was to gain a toned and healthy looking physique. I employed a customized nutrition plan for her and devised workouts that would not only decrease her body fat, but that would simultaneously increase her lean muscle mass. The end result was a superwoman who went from 33% body fat to 19%, dropped 5 clothes sizes, and was able to curl a 45lb barbell as well as bench press her body weight!
Cindy came to me weighing 188lbs with a body fat reading of over 40%. She was 50 years old and a mother of 4 children. I implemented a nutrition plan for Cindy, prescribed various cardiovascular exercises to be done as her homework, so to speak, and led her through weight bearing exercises that were designed to add lean muscle mass. Cindy lost just over 50 pounds, and her body fat measurement decreased from 42% to 18%. She became phenomenally strong, added much needed density to her bones, and had the physique she had been wanting her whole life!
Joann's mother enlisted my services as her daughter was a figure skater with hopes of going to the Olympic games. She was only 11 years old at the time, but was very disciplined and mature for her age. She was underweight and had certain imbalances in her hips including TFL as well as piriformis issues which resulted in acute pain as well as a rotation in her pelvis which caused great instability. I changed her nutrition to allow us to easily add lean muscle necessary for the rigors of figure skating and also implemented a myofascial release program designed to restore balance and strength to the affected muscles in the hip complex. Joann gained 16 pounds of lean muscle, and we successfully re established the proper length and tension relationship within the musculature of her hips thus allowing her to effortlessly glide and spin through the air whenever she takes to the ice.
Omar is a professional golfer on the PGA tour who came to me looking to increase his level of conditioning in order to improve his game. In our initial consultation I quickly noticed his right shoulder was substantially tighter than the left thus causing a residual inflammatory response in his trapezius muscles as well as an atrophying and tightening of the pectoral minor and anterior deltoid muscles. I implemented a stretching and myofascial release program designed to restore balance in the affected areas. We also undertook a nutrition plan as well as began sport specific exercises designed for golf played at the highest level in the world.
Omar's imbalances were fixed and he lost 9% body fat. With the newly found balance within his shoulder complex in addition to the muscles he developed, his putting became much more accurate as a result of him being able to track the stroke correctly and we ultimately added almost 40 yards to his drive shot!
Debbie came to me because she as a 46 year old mother of 3 small children, wanted to compete in a fitness and bikini contest in order to motivate herself to not only reclaim her lost physique, but to surpass it. After having 3 kids, her hips were very tight and out of balance. She also carried not only her stress in her left shoulder, but her kids on that same side too, thus creating quite an imbalance throughout her deltoid region. I devised a very comprehensive and strict nutrition plan for Debbie as well as loosened the muscles in her hips and shoulders, all the while strengthening and stabilizing them. We employed very strict and specific techniques to the exercises in her workouts with varying repetitions and poundages in order to recruit both slow and fast twitch fiber muscles for full development and intramuscular balance.The end result was a a balanced hip and shoulder complex that enabled her to do all of the exercises efficiently and with maximum result. She went from 31% body fat to 11% and was able to bench press her body weight, leg press 510 pounds for 15 repetitions, squat 135 pounds 20 times, and secure a placing in her first ever fitness competition!

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