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Andy helped me lose 80 pounds a few years ago while we put some muscle on and we had a blast doing it! if you’re looking for a no-pressure, very intelligent, nice guy who’s a highly qualified personal trainer, I suggest you give Andy a try. You’ll be so glad you did.

Andy Bruchey, Austin Personal Trainer

 Personal Trainer in Austin
What is personal training? To me, it’s just that. My job is to help you achieve your goals using a multifaceted approach that includes nutrition, exercise, and identifying and repairing weaknesses and imbalances, otherwise known as corrective flexibility. In my 20 years of experience as an Austin personal trainer, I have, and continue to work with doctors, professional athletes, including bodybuilders, soccer players, baseball players, NFL players, PGA golfers, college football players, ballerinas, filmmakers, actors and actresses, business professionals, homemakers, cyclists, basketball players, martial artists, rowers, figure skaters, as well as weekend warriors, beginners, and everyone in between.

Why hire me as your Personal Trainer?

A one size fits all approach is not the answer. That to me is impersonal training. A personal trainer should not only have a very advanced knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, physiology, and kinesiology, but also of how the muscles work as well as how they work together in YOU. This knowledge is what allows me to easily identify tightness and imbalance in the body and then remedy the problem(s). Whether you’re a PGA golfer or someone who wants to learn how to play golf, for example, we quickly identify the areas that are weak or imbalanced and work towards repairing them as well as strengthening them in order to make you stronger and more efficient throughout the entire range of motion in the swing. Being able to recognize and fix problems like this one example, or whatever it is you are training for, is what makes what I do true personal training.

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About Andy

My name is Andy Bruchey and I am a longtime Austin personal trainer having founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and sports specific training for professionals. Contact me today to see how I can help you!
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