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how to get a tight butt

How To Get A Tight Butt

Wondering How To Get A Tight Butt? When you’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, or virtually anywhere, as long as I have, you tend to get a lot of questions from gym goers, clients, and just people you meet. They usually want your advice on how they can improve one or more aspects of

alleviating shoulder pain

Alleviating Shoulder Pain: How To Go About Doing It

Alleviating Shoulder Pain Alleviating shoulder pain is a potentially very simple process, or the reality may be in your particular case, a very complex ordeal. Like everything else, it’s not just a matter of what is ailing you, but also factors such as your physical condition and medical history come into play as well. The

how many calories should I eat to lose weight

How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

Are you Asking Yourself How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight? Are you asking yourself how many calories should I eat to lose weight? A lot of people are, and unfortunately, they’re getting the wrong answers. In my essays and blogs, as well as in person with my clients over my 22 years

how much water should I drink

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Answering the How Much Water Should I Drink Question A question I am frequently asked at my gym, as well as by new clients is how much water should I drink? Like everything else in fitness, as well as in health, the answer is very subjective. There are many variables when answering this kind of

best core exercises

What Are The Best Core Exercises?

How To Chose The Best Core Exercises In my previous blog entry, I made mention of how a lot of people ask me what the best exercises for this and that are and so last week I answered the question of what are the best chest exercises. This week, I want to make it a

best chest exercises

The Best Chest Exercises: Which Are Truly Best For Gaining Muscle?

The Best Chest Exercises Whenever we begin an undertaking, such as fitness for example, we categorically want to know what the best exercises are. What are the best exercises for a toned butt is one I hear a lot from the ladies. The men seem to be much more interested in arms and chest development,


Crossfit: A Good Idea or an Accident Waiting to Happen?

CrossFit: Is It A Great Workout Or Potentially Dangerous? Curiously to some, I’ve never until now written an essay, or even a blog post about CrossFit. There really was no specific reason for that, other than as an Austin personal trainer for 22 years, as well as a being a gym owner for a long

do crunches produce flat abs

Do Crunches Produce Flat Abs?

Do Crunches Produce Flat Abs? To say that there are a plethora of myths and falsities strewn across the fitness landscape would certainly be an understatement. On this website, particularly in some of the blog entries, I’ve debunked several such myths. I always enjoy hearing them, as some are quite amusing, but simultaneously, I feel

improvising your workouts

Improvising Your Workouts

Adapting and Improvising Your Workouts The ability to improvise and adapt is one of the strongest traits associated with humans. It doesn’t come intuitively to all, but generally speaking, we as humans, seem to have this ability down to a science, so to speak. Improvising your workouts can be a way to get a breath

best arm exercises

Best Arm Exercises

What Are The Best Arm Exercises? When you’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for more than 20 years, and a gym owner for nearly a decade, you get a lot of questions. I always welcome them as I enjoy helping people get healthier and stronger. That’s why I chose this profession and enjoy it

can I lose weight without dieting

Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Asking Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting? Every day, people decide they want to get in better shape. Maybe they have an aesthetic goal. Perhaps it’s just a matter of dropping a set number of pounds they are interested in doing. Other times in rehabilitative. There’s plenty of reasons and motivations, and as an Austin

what are the best ab exercises

What Are The Best Ab Exercises

Wondering What Are The Best Ab Exercises? It usually goes a little something like this. “Hey Andy, what is the fastest way for me to put on some muscle”? “Hey Andy, what are the best ab exercises”? The swiftly running stream of what are the best…insert your fitness goal here, never runs dry. One of

10 fitness questions answered

10 Fitness Questions Answered

Another 10 Fitness Questions Answered! Every so often, I like to post a different type of blog here. One with 10 fitness questions answered, as opposed to a longer blog, or essay, which focuses solely on one topic. Fitness questions abound, as does bad information. Hopefully this can clarify some of the common, as well

toning shoes

Toning Shoes

Do Toning Shoes Work? Can a pair of shoes do away with your big thighs, cellulite, weak legs, let you burn more calories, build more muscle, and get in shape faster at the gym? According to the manufacturers, yes they can. There’s a type of shoe available these days called toning shoes. Reebok and Sketchers

functional training exercises

Functional Training Exercises

What Are Functional Training Exercises? What are the best functional training exercises? It depends upon what your specific needs are. It also depends upon your physical condition, your medical history, how much time and/or money for a personal trainer, if applicable, you are willing to spend. Functional training could be anything from an NFL linebacker

what is the best diet

What Is The Best Diet?

Wondering What Is The Best Diet? There’s a sweeping statement in the fitness community that 80% of your results will come from nutrition. Not 79%, and not 81%. Just 80%, and that applies to everyone. As a longtime Austin personal trainer I can tell you with certainty, that is silly. It’s obviously going to depend

alleviating knee pain

Alleviating Knee Pain

Alleviating Knee Pain For A Better Quality Of Life One question I get on a fairly regular basis as a longtime Austin personal trainer and gym owner is how to go about alleviating knee pain. The truth is that it can be something as simple as performing a basic quadricep stretch, or it can be

how can i lose weight

How Can I Lose Weight?

Asking How Can I Lose Weight? Sometimes the questions I get from people at my gym, or via e mail, are very simple sounding and straight forward, but if you scratch the surface a little, you realize that there’s much more going on than one would initially summarize. Since I became a personal trainer in

circuit training exercises

Circuit Training Exercises: Which Are The Best For Getting Lean While Building Muscle?

Interested In Some Circuit Training Exercises? There are many ways one can approach a weight training regimen. You can work towards getting stronger, and bigger, or you can work towards getting leaner. You can work to become more stable, you can work to become more explosive, and so on. Within all of the possibilities also

Where to find workout routines- complete fitness design

Where To Find Workout Routines

Wondering Where To Find Workout Routines? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an essay about workout routines here on my website. I explained how I don’t write them for people. Even those who have trained with me for years will not get a prescribed workout routine from me. Why? Because they are useless except

best glute exercises- complete fitness design

Best Glute Exercises

What Are The Best Glute Exercises? One question I asked all the time as a longtime gym owner and Austin personal trainer, is what are some of the best exercises a person can do. Guys usually want to know what the best arm or chest exercises are, and women tend to want to firm up

how to gain weight- complete fitness design

How to Gain Weight Without Getting Fat

Want to Know How to Gain Weight? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years and a gym owner for nearly a decade, you tend to get a lot of fitness questions thrown your way. The most common is how to lose weight. People see all of the fad diets and approaches.

how to build muscle fast- complete fitness design

How To Build Muscle Fast

Want to Know How to Build Muscle Fast? How to build muscle fast is a question I’ve heard from many men, and a handful of women, during my 20 plus years as an Austin personal trainer, and gym owner. There’s ways you can expedite the process, just like any process, but nothing comes overnight. Even

how to build bigger calves

How to Build Bigger Calves

Are You Wondering How To Build Bigger Calves? One of the age old dilemmas of some people working out in the gyms across the world is how to build bigger calves. There are many machines from the donkey press, to both seated, and standing calf raise machines, all the way down to body weight exercises

how much protein is too much

How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Wondering How Much Protein Is Too Much? In the health and fitness world there is a seemingly endless amount of theories regarding which exercises are superior to others. There are endless published and vocalized opinions concerning how many reps and sets need to be performed in order to accomplish a specific goal be it weight

what is the best way to lose weight

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Are You Wondering What is the Best Way to Lose Weight? When you’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years, it goes without saying that you get asked a lot of health and fitness questions. People want to know what the quickest way to accomplish their health and fitness goals are. They

how to lose weight fast

How to Lose Weight Fast

Want to Know How to Lose Weight Fast? Everywhere you look, people want instant gratification. Not that it’s a bad thing necessarily, but our society has made a premium of focusing on how fast things are achieved, how quickly websites load, how fast our cars and motorcycles go, how fast our smartphones are, and so

how to become a personal trainer

How to Become a Personal Trainer

Don’t be that Stereotypical Trainer Guy Above. This is How to Become a Personal Trainer As promised last week, this week’s blog is about how to become a personal trainer. One of the best things about my job as a personal trainer in Austin, is when I work with truly motivated people. These are the

what to look for in a personal trainer

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Do You Know What to Look for in a Personal Trainer? When you have decided it is time to get in better shape, work past an old injury or imbalance, or train for a specific sporting event, you might consider hiring a qualified personal trainer. Gyms all over the world are filled with personal trainers,

frozen shoulder syndrome

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

What is Frozen Shoulder Syndrome? As an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, I’ve worked with many conditions ranging from simple orthopedics, to gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, Crohns, and so on. I also have worked extensively with lesser prevalent conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, which most people outside of the field have never

obesity and genetics

Obesity And Genetics: Is There Really A Correlation?

Is Obesity Really Genetic? Is obesity the result of a lack of will power? Most people in America seem to think so despite the studies showing genetic predispositions may play a bigger role than one’s choices. Obesity and genetics is something that has a multidimensional effect on not just those who suffer from it, but

Postural Imbalances: Complete Fitness Design

Postural Imbalances: How to Fix Them

Suffering From Postural Imbalances? Whenever I have a potential client contact me about personal training, we will always meet for a consultation first. As long as I’ve been an Austin personal trainer, this has been my protocol, and that’s been for over 20 years now. The reason for the consultation is multi fold. It allows

Rich Piana

Rich Piana: What is My Opinion of Him?

Question of the Week: Rich Piana: What is my Opinion of him? As a personal trainer in Austin for over 21 years, I have had a lot of people ask me over the years if I know certain people. Sometimes they are inquiring if I work with a celebrity they are especially fond of. Other

losing fat: where does it go

Losing Fat: Where Does it Go?

When Losing Fat, Where Does it Go? I’ve always not only welcomed questions on this blog, but encouraged them as well. As long as I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, I’ve been asked an incredible variety of fitness questions over the years, but the one I got yesterday from my 7 year old daughter

finding a gym

Finding a Gym

How to go About Finding a Gym Recently, a long standing Austin personal training client of mine, whom I also call a good friend, moved out of town to Arizona so he and his wife could be closer to their kids. Good for them, bad for me, as I truly enjoyed his company both professionally,

warm up properly before exercising

Warm Up Properly Before Exercising

How Important is it to Warm Up? There are a lot of known quantities when it comes to health and fitness. For example, we know with full certainty that if you want to get healthier, you’ll have to eat. That’s pretty basic stuff that doesn’t require you to be an Austin personal trainer for over

bulky women

Bulky Women: Will Lifting Weights Transform A Woman Into A Man-Like Beast?

Does Weight Lifting Produce Bulky Women? One of the main objectives of this blog, has been to educate people about health and fitness by drawing upon my experience of 21 years as a personal trainer in Austin, as well as a gym owner here for nearly a decade. I have written many posts and essays

gym questions

Gym Questions: 5 Commonly Asked Questions Answered By A Gym Owner

Some Gym Questions Answered In a previous blog, I answered 5 very common fitness questions. In this blog, I’ll stick with that format, but with the added twist of tailoring the questions and answers to pertain to frequently asked gym questions. As a 21 year Austin personal trainer, and a gym owner for nearly a

abdominal muscles

Abdominal Muscles: Why Having Strong Abs Is Structurally Important

Isolating the Abdominal Muscles? As I’ve written in many blogs and essays on my site, there is a lot of folklore and fitness mythology floating around the locker rooms of countless gyms, as well as shooting through cyberspace. Especially on the abdominal muscles. As a personal trainer in Austin, TX for over 20 years, I’ve

importance of strong core muscles

The Importance of Strong Core Muscles

Never Underestimate the Importance of Strong Core Muscles As an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, one thing I cannot stress enough to clients is the importance of strong core muscles. The core is essential for virtually everything we do, be it gardening, working out, moving from one place to another, getting out of

avoiding weight gain on vacation

Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation: What You Can Do To Stay Fit

Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation Many people seem to go on vacation and return with more than they left with. I’m not referring to material possessions, but rather body mass. As an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, I have many times heard folks tell me about their upcoming vacation plans, including

unspoken gym rules

Unspoken Gym Rules: Learning Proper Gym Etiquette

What are Unspoken Gym Rules? I’ve been a gym owner for nearly a decade, and an Austin personal trainer for over 21 years. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go in the gym. It’s always great to see someone come in for the first time with a heartfelt determination to make some positive

Gym Do’s and Don’ts: Good Manners and Gym Etiquette Are Required

Some Basic Gym Do’s and Don’ts In a recent blog, I took a different approach than usual, and wrote a factual personal training do’s and don’ts. It was done with humor, but all of the “ridiculous” scenarios were completely unstretched truths and experiences from my 21 years as an Austin personal trainer. As many of

personal training expectations

Personal Training Expectations: The Humorous Side Of Things

Here’s A Few Humorous Personal Training Expectations From My 22 Years Of Experience As An Austin Personal Trainer As a personal trainer in Austin for over 21 years, I thought I’d use this particular blog entry as a rather humorous/common sense guide for what to expect when hiring a personal trainer. I’ll call this personal

teens and supplements

Teens and Supplements: Are They Safe As Well As Effective?

Are Teens and Supplements a Bad Mix? With football season approaching, many teenage males are hitting the weight room with exceptional vigor in an effort to get bigger and stronger. Often times, in the month of August, high school football teams do what is known as 2 a days. That simply means that there are

how does personal training work

How Does Personal Training Work?

So, How Does Personal Training Work? A gentleman stopped by my gym this morning and was inquiring about doing some training with either me, or a member of my staff. Having never worked with a trainer before, he naturally had a host of questions regarding scheduling, pricing, duration of sessions, as well as frequency. In

exercising in the heat

Exercising in the Heat: How To Avoid Dehydration While Getting A Great Workout

How Should You Go About Exercising in the Heat? As I write this blog entry on exercising in the heat, it’s 107 degrees and the sun is beating down relentlessly in Austin, TX. In fact, when I woke up at 6 this morning, it was already 82 degrees and extraordinarily humid. There’s a good chance

what does a personal trainer need to know

What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know?

Exactly What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer as long as I have, naturally, you get a lot of questions. I often field workout questions, nutrition questions, physical therapy related questions, etc. Occasionally though, you’ll meet someone who’s either new to the field of personal training in

nutrition myths

Nutrition Myths: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

4 Common Nutrition Myths Over the many years I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, I’ve written many times about proper nutrition. There’s a never ending supply of misinformation and nutrition myths floating all over the internet, from YouTube, to message boards, etc. Naturally, everyone has different fitness goals, as well as different needs, but

how often should i workout with a personal trainer

How often Should I Workout With A Personal Trainer

Asking Yourself How Often Should I Workout With A Personal Trainer? When people contact me with an interest in doing some personal training with me, we always set up a free, no sales pitches, etc, in depth consultation. The purpose is to get a greater understanding of what the potential client is interested in achieving,

fitness tests

Fitness Tests: Are They Viable Indicators Of Your Fitness Level?

Looking for Fitness Tests? Over the many years that I’ve been an Austin personal trainer, I’ve had many people ask me if I thought they were in shape. My first response has always been to ask them, “in shape for what”? Are you going to run a marathon? Play football in the fall? Wrestle? Perhaps


Cupping: Is The Massage Practice Of Cupping A Valuable Technique?

What is Cupping? There’s a big to do about red spots, coupled with great curiosity at this year’s Olympics. Everyone across the globe is asking what the big red circles on Michael Phelp’s body are. Some people have speculated it must have something to do with the notoriously poor conditions at the athlete’s village. Others

5 fitness questions

5 Fitness Questions From The Readers Are Answered

5 Fitness Questions Answered In a recently written essay, I answered 10 commonly asked fitness questions. I’d like to continue where I left off with that in this blog by answering 5 fitness questions that I frequently get asked. When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer for as long as I have, you can imagine


Cardio: Why Cardiovascular Exercise Is Important For Weight Loss

What is Cardio? Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio, as it’s known by many, is a term used to describe aerobic workouts. While doing exercises aerobically, it means that we are using oxygen and our fat stores for fuel. Anaerobic workouts, such as heavy weights for a limited number of repetitions, is the exact opposite of cardio.

how long should I workout

How Long Should I Workout? What’s An Ideal Workout Length?

Just How Long Should I Workout? When you’ve been a personal trainer in Austin as long as I have, you can imagine, a lot of questions get thrown your way by beginners, as well as advanced lifters and athletes. There’s a myriad of mythology surrounding the health and fitness world concerning everything from nutrition, bogus

I can't lose weight

I Can’t Lose Weight: What Do I Need To Do?

I Can’t Lose Weight You Say? Nothing is working they say. I’m doing everything I can they say. I’m eating right, I’m exercising, and I can’t lose weight. I have bad genetics they say. I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years now, as well as a gym owner for 9. I

will exercise make me live longer

Will Exercise Make Me Live Longer?

Is It Possible? Will Exercise Make Me Live Longer? There are a lot of myths surrounding the health and fitness world. We hear all kinds of great new discoveries, as they are touted, only to realize that they are nothing more than wishful thinking. As a longtime personal trainer in Austin, I’m asked a lot

fast or slow weight loss

Fast or Slow Weight Loss: Does it Matter?

Does it Matter if it’s Fast or Slow Weight Loss? When we are trying to lose weight, there are many different approaches we can take. We can embark on a new fitness regimen. We can embrace a diet. Ideally, we would do both for the best possible results, but what about speed? Does it matter

fitness questions answered

Fitness Questions Answered By A Real Personal Trainer

Fitness Questions Answered This site has been a labor of love for me over the many years that I’ve been an Austin personal trainer. I update the blog every 4th day, usually, and write a lot of essays as well. In either format, I address one subject and support my views with facts, science, and

weight loss tips

Weight Loss Tips From An Austin Personal Trainer

Want Some Weight Loss Tips? No matter the subject, there’s no shortage of advice from those who truly are educated in that specific field, and likewise, there is no shortage of advice from self proclaimed experts. Fitness is no exception, especially when it comes to weight loss tips. Turn on YouTube, and you’ll find a

muscular pre exhaustion

Muscular Pre Exhaustion: What Is It & Is It A Good Idea?

What is Muscular Pre Exhaustion? When we find ourselves nursing or rehabilitating an injury, we obviously take care to not re injure the affected area. This is common sense and should go without saying. What about if we are in the gym, working on a body part that is close to the injured or imbalanced

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