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I have always encouraged people who read my writings, whether they found a piece of mine published in a newspaper, an online magazine, perhaps it’s one of my website essays or my blogs, etc, to feel free to send in any questions they may have. In the 20 or so years of being an Austin personal trainer, I’ve fielded some great questions and have thoroughly enjoyed answering them and interacting with a great variety of people. With that said, I’d like to say thanks to Frank for sending in a great question the other day, which, coincidentally, I happen to get quite a lot at my gym.He asked me if I thought he should be taking supplements in order to gain muscle.

I asked him to provide me with a food journal covering several typical days and to include his total water consumption as well. Upon reviewing his journal, it was clear that he has quite a good diet which includes an ample amount of protein at every serving, a good amount of carbs, and from the right sources, and a small amount of fats, which again, were from the right sources. His carbs are the complex variety, which are infinitely better than simple carbs, and his fats are from olive oil, fish, etc, as opposed to the bad fats such as animal fats or those inherent with fried or fast foods.

Upon further examination, not only were his protein, carbs, and fat ratios in the ballpark, but he was consuming an ample amount of calories per day in order to put on some size as well. Furthermore, his total water consumption was the correct amount. He was ingesting everything he needed to grow, so what about the supplements?

He was interested in trying creatine, as well as a testosterone booster from some online retailer. Creatine, as I have written, comes in many varieties and from a wide array of manufacturers, but unfortunately, it offers very little in the way of performance enhancement. It’s been around for a long time, and there are no known negative side effects from its use, so while it is safe, it’s also rather pointless.

Testosterone boosters, and any similar product, should be avoided completely as you have no real idea of what the product contains and if it would therefore be potentially harmful to your body. The supplement industry is loosely regulated at best, by the FDA. A lot of pseudo steroids that came with fitness celebrity endorsements, and great claims of virtually unlimited muscle mass to be yours in 30 days with these products, actually were a slightly modified steroid compound. So while they worked to some degree, you really had no idea what you were truly ingesting, so the potential for negative and harmful side effects was ever present, as well as very documented.

The bottom line is that most supplements simply don’t work, and the ones that do, often times work for a good reason. A lot of those contain anywhere from bit traces, to a good amount of anabolic steroids. There was a crack down by the FDA a few years ago on these companies manufacturing these testosterone boosters, and similar supplements, but ultimately, it’s just a game of cat and mouse, as these companies will slightly change whatever recipe got them in trouble previously, and thus have a new product which has yet to have been banned, so it is therefore, temporarily legal. Just because something is legal, doesn’t qualify it as being healthy.

If you are looking to add some muscle mass, don’t scour the internet for the latest and greatest muscle builder, or empty the shelves of the closest GNC store. Simply eat properly. Be sure to get enough protein, carbs, and fats for your needs, enough calories for your needs, and from all of the right sources, of course.

Conversely, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds, forget the latest and greatest weight loss supplement endorsed by every B level celebrity. Forget the super shakes and the diet pills. Again, simply eat the proper amount and be sure you have the correct amount of complex carbs, protein, and good fats, and you will negate any need for supplements that may or may not work, and may or may not be harmful to your health.

A consistent and properly executed nutrition plan coupled with a great workout regimen can’t be beaten if you want true and lasting results. There is no substitution for proper nutrition and hard work and there is no supplement in the world available that can replace that.

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