Finding a Gym

How to go About Finding a Gym

Recently, a long standing Austin personal training client of mine, whom I also call a good friend, moved out of town to Arizona so he and his wife could be closer to their kids. Good for them, bad for me, as I truly enjoyed his company both professionally, as well as off the clock, so to speak. Upon his arrival in Phoenix, after settling in for a bit, he began the search for a gym so as to resume working out. He saw all the usual big box gym chains, but that wasn’t interesting to him. He found specialty gyms, such as boxing facilities, rock climbing places, etc, but they too, aren’t what he was looking for. It can be hard finding a gym despite the fact that so many exist. Eventually, he found a smaller facility, though not ideal, it will do until he can find someplace else.

So, as an Austin personal trainer for the past 21 years, he asked how I would go about finding a gym. Interesting question for a guy who owns a gym I thought. It struck me a moment later, that it wasn’t really a difficult question at all. I had built what I consider to be the ultimate gym 9 years ago, and it’s been going full steam ahead ever since. If I didn’t own the Austin Fitness Center, and was either looking to train clients as an independent Austin personal trainer, or simply workout, I would find a place much like I own, if it existed.

The trick to finding a gym is to recognize what qualifies a gym as being a good one to you. Do you like the place enough to continually go there? It also has to have the proper equipment for your training needs. For example, there’s plenty of Pilates studios around town that are indeed very good, but they wouldn’t serve my needs as a guy that lifts weights, and heavy ones at that. The staff is also a very important consideration. Are they friendly or rude? Are they up selling you on stuff, or do they say hello and allow you to get in and get out with a good workout, hassle free? In my mind, service is all important, which is why my staff is very friendly, without being invasive or full of sales pitches, and the like. Cleanliness is something else to consider. MRSA is no joke, nor are staph infections. These things happen at gyms all the time when they’re not clean. This is why my gym is cleaned and sanitized every evening, and kept up with vigorously throughout the day. Another consideration when finding a gym, is the people who patronize the place. What kind of crowd is it? Is it a see and be seen crowd? Is it elderly folks? Is it a lot of athletes? My gym is a fantastic mix and that’s something I’ve not only found interesting over the years, but I’m quite proud of the diversity as well. Not everybody is into that though, so you’ll have to see who goes there and ask yourself if you would feel comfortable working out in that environment.

If you are having trouble finding a gym, and the circumstances are right for you, building a home gym is often times a good option. The biggest downside, however, is the proximity. People often say they wish they didn’t have to drive to the gym, but the truth is, that if you didn’t, you likely wouldn’t use it. Only the most driven people tend to consistently make use of their home gyms, or even pieces of equipment, like a treadmill, for example. In no time, they become another rack to hang clothes upon, or at best, conversation pieces.

If you’re looking for a new gym, remember what it is you’re after, and ask the gym for a tour when you visit. Ask if there is a free trial period, and always inquire about contracts and cancellation policies! Gyms are notorious for having sneaky clauses. Mine is one of the very few that is not like that. If they require you to sign up for personal training or any classes, move on to the next place. Gyms and personal training services, like anything else, will sell themselves if done well.

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My name is Andy Bruchey and I founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition and sports specific training.
Finding a Gym
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Finding a Gym
Austin, TX personal trainer and gym owner Andy Bruchey offers some advice on how to go about finding a gym if you are ready to workout.
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Andy Bruchey- Complete Fitness Design
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My name is Andy Bruchey and I am a longtime Austin personal trainer having founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and sports specific training for professionals. Contact me today to see how I can help you!
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