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Flat Bench VS Incline Bench Press

Which Is Better For Pectoral Development? Flat Bench VS Incline Bench Press? Of all of the great debates in the health and fitness world, and there are many, few are easier to settle than flat bench vs incline bench press when it comes to which is more important for pectoral development. As a personal trainer

Barbells VS Dumbbells: Which Are Better?

Barbells VS Dumbbells Since the dawn of time, people have been wanting to know the best way to do things. This is natural and obviously, helps us be better at whatever it is we’re doing, as well as be more efficient. As long as there have been gyms, people have always been weighing the merits

The Best Chest Exercises: Which Are Truly Best For Gaining Muscle?

The Best Chest Exercises Whenever we begin an undertaking, such as fitness for example, we categorically want to know what the best exercises are. What are the best exercises for a toned butt is one I hear a lot from the ladies. The men seem to be much more interested in arms and chest development,

Alternative Exercises: What They Are & Their Benefits

What Are Alternative Exercises? There are a lot of ways to accomplish most anything that you seek to accomplish. You can build a house out of any number of materials such as wood, brick, etc, and you will have a house. You can make any number of food dishes by using a variety of ingredients.

To Bench Press or Not?

From seemingly the beginning of time, when we want to know how we measure up against a fellow man in the gym, we inquire or seek to discover subversively, how much they can bench press. For some reason this is the holy grail of all movements, exercises, and lifts in the gym. Why that is,

How to Bench Press Properly & Effectively

The Bench Press If you go to virtually any gym in the world, it’s almost an absolute guarantee that you will find a bench press. The bench press has been a staple of the fitness world since it’s inception, as well as a barometer of how accomplished a gym rat you truly are. After all,

Benefits of the Bench Press

The Many Benefits of the Bench Press As a longtime Austin personal trainer and gym owner, I can assure you, that in the fitness world, there are a handful of exercises that are considered benchmarks for strength, as well as essential to perform if you stand any chance at all of becoming bigger and stronger.

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