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Warming Up: Why It Is So Important To Warm Up

Are You Warming Up Before Working Out? Before you do any kind of physical exercise, be it cardiovascular, or the anaerobic variety, it is very important to warm up. Warming up is essential if you want to maximize the benefits of your workouts, as you’ll be loosened up, and ready to go, both physically, as

How to Bench Press Properly & Effectively

The Bench Press If you go to virtually any gym in the world, it’s almost an absolute guarantee that you will find a bench press. The bench press has been a staple of the fitness world since it’s inception, as well as a barometer of how accomplished a gym rat you truly are. After all,

Benefits of the Bench Press

The Many Benefits of the Bench Press As a longtime Austin personal trainer and gym owner, I can assure you, that in the fitness world, there are a handful of exercises that are considered benchmarks for strength, as well as essential to perform if you stand any chance at all of becoming bigger and stronger.

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