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Bulky Women: Will Lifting Weights Transform A Woman Into A Man-Like Beast?

Does Weight Lifting Produce Bulky Women? One of the main objectives of this blog, has been to educate people about health and fitness by drawing upon my experience of 21 years as a personal trainer in Austin, as well as a gym owner here for nearly a decade. I have written many posts and essays

Vegan Bodybuilding: Is It A Possibility?

Is Vegan Bodybuilding Possible? The health and fitness world is rife with advice on how many chicken breasts, steaks, and supplements we need to pursue bodybuilding, but we if we wanted to do something different? What if you are a vegan? Traditional bodybuilding with all the carnivorous delectables, has been well documented so coming across

Alcohol and Fitness: Is Drinking Alcohol Really That Bad?

Do Alcohol and Fitness Mix Well? Everyone is entitled to a little fun, and an indulgence can be a healthy thing, especially psychologically. Even hardcore weight lifters such as bodybuilders opt for a cheat meal on occasion. Alcohol and fitness has been been a subject of debate for everyone to the occasional sippers, to the

Distilled Water: Why Would You Consume Distilled Water?

Why Would You Consume Distilled Water? There’s a lot of specialization when it comes to nutrition in the health and fitness world. As a personal trainer in Austin for 21 years, and a gym owner for nearly a decade, I have definitely seen my fair share of it. For example, there’s a lot of different

Quotas: Listen To Your Body Instead

Listening to Your Body Instead of Using Quotas As long as I’ve been an Austin personal trainer, I still scratch my head when I see how some people approach their workouts. I’m not talking about novices to fitness, but rather experienced lifters, and often times even professional athletes, including, of all things, bodybuilders! I’m not

Genetics: The Hand You’re Dealt

Genetics Genetics. How many times have you seen someone and wished you looked like they did at that moment? How many times have you been at the gym and saw someone lifting a certain amount of weight, seemingly effortlessly, while their muscles flexed and bulged, and you thought to yourself that it’d be great to

Fitness Myths: Huge Ripped Women

Debunking Fitness Myths There’s a number of persistent and often times, funny fitness myths circulating throughout America’s gyms and online fitness forums. Since I’ve been doing personal training in Austin for as long as I have, you can imagine that I’ve been confronted by believers and preachers of these reality spinoffs any number of times.

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