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The Best Cardio Machine: Which Should You Use?

The Best Cardio Machine For You As a gym owner for over 11 years now and having been an Austin personal trainer for well over 20, I get a lot of “what is the best..” then fill in the blank questions. People will often ask which is the best type of protein, the best cardio

Swimming For Weight Loss

Try Swimming For Weight Loss! A lot of people think they know the best exercise for weight loss, but I’m a little skeptical. The reason for my skepticism, is that I see an awful lot of heavy folks jogging in the hot sun in their attempt to lose weight. While jogging is certainly a reasonable

Treadmill Or Elliptical: Which Is Better?

I’ve spent a lot of hours writing on this site, per request, answering to the best of my professional abilities about what the best whatever it was I was asked about. People are always wanting to know what the best form of cardio is, whether they have any real intentions of doing it, or not.

The Best Cardio Workout: Which One Burns The Most Calories?

Which Activity Is The Best Cardio Workout? We’ve been trying to unearth the best of the best in some of the previous few blog entries. I have answered questions about the best leg exercises, best stretches, and so on. This time, I’ll attempt to answer the question of what is the best cardio workout. When

Cardio: Why Cardiovascular Exercise Is Important For Weight Loss

What is Cardio? Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio, as it’s known by many, is a term used to describe aerobic workouts. While doing exercises aerobically, it means that we are using oxygen and our fat stores for fuel. Anaerobic workouts, such as heavy weights for a limited number of repetitions, is the exact opposite of cardio.

Fitness Questions Answered By A Real Personal Trainer

Fitness Questions Answered This site has been a labor of love for me over the many years that I’ve been an Austin personal trainer. I update the blog every 4th day, usually, and write a lot of essays as well. In either format, I address one subject and support my views with facts, science, and

Weights or Cardio First? Which Is Better To Build Muscles & Be Lean?

Should I Do Weights Or Cardio First? I’ve been an Austin personal trainer for 20 years and a gym owner for just over 8. As a gym owner, I’ve seen an enormous amount of heart and effort from members, success stories, and exuberance. Unfortunately, I also have seen my fair share of fitness mistakes, fitness

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