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What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know?

Exactly What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer as long as I have, naturally, you get a lot of questions. I often field workout questions, nutrition questions, physical therapy related questions, etc. Occasionally though, you’ll meet someone who’s either new to the field of personal training in

Alternative Exercises: What They Are & Their Benefits

What Are Alternative Exercises? There are a lot of ways to accomplish most anything that you seek to accomplish. You can build a house out of any number of materials such as wood, brick, etc, and you will have a house. You can make any number of food dishes by using a variety of ingredients.

Muscle Magazines: Are They At All Realistic?

Are Muscle Magazines Realistic? We’ve all seen the muscle magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store. Some quasi porn star looking, barely clad female standing in apparent awe at the tanned, ultra muscular, young buck who is every man’s envy, and the apparent desire of every female. There’s a bunch of these muscle

Being Ready To Workout: It’s Not Just Physical

Are You Really Ready To Workout? The other day, a long time personal training client of mine said to me that his wife, whom I have known for many years, was interested in returning to the gym at some point. She was ready to workout he said, but had to get ready first. Naturally, I

The Dad Bod

Is The “Dad Bod” Real? There’s always a funny term that seems to be coined for describing people as they get older. We have the term “cougar” for an attractive older woman, etc, but the newest descriptive, seems to be the most accurate. The Dad Bod. No offense to the ladies. What exactly is a

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