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Frequently Asked Fitness Questions: Part 1

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions I Field As one can imagine, when you’ve been an a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years, and a gym owner for over 10, there’s a lot of frequently asked fitness questions coming your way. They run the gamut from proper gym etiquette, to proper techniques, fads and fashions,

Bulky Women: Will Lifting Weights Transform A Woman Into A Man-Like Beast?

Does Weight Lifting Produce Bulky Women? One of the main objectives of this blog, has been to educate people about health and fitness by drawing upon my experience of 21 years as a personal trainer in Austin, as well as a gym owner here for nearly a decade. I have written many posts and essays

Nutrition Myths: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

4 Common Nutrition Myths Over the many years I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, I’ve written many times about proper nutrition. There’s a never ending supply of misinformation and nutrition myths floating all over the internet, from YouTube, to message boards, etc. Naturally, everyone has different fitness goals, as well as different needs, but

5 Fitness Questions From The Readers Are Answered

5 Fitness Questions Answered In a recently written essay, I answered 10 commonly asked fitness questions. I’d like to continue where I left off with that in this blog by answering 5 fitness questions that I frequently get asked. When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer for as long as I have, you can imagine

Workout Myths: 1 Minute Full Exercise = 45 Minutes of Moderate Exercise?

More Workout Myths As a longtime personal trainer in Austin, I’ve pointed out repeatedly over the years on this blog, as well as in my gym to my clients, that there is an overabundance of misleading information, and simply out and out falsities circulating within the health and fitness world. Maximum heart rate calculation formulas,

Ripped Trainers: Another Fitness Myth

Do Trainers Need To Be Ripped Trainers? There’s a great many misconceptions and fitness myths circulating through the gym world. There’s a seemingly endless supply of misinformation regarding nutrition, techniques, body imaging, etc. A long time personal training client of mine, who is a physician, as well as a top level, nationally ranked, swimmer, told

Fitness Myths: Muscles Turning to Fat

Ever Hear Of Muscles Turning To Fat? One pervasive myth is that of muscles turning to fat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone talking about an aged bodybuilder who has softened with age, so to speak, and that all there muscle has turned to fat. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great example

Fitness Myths: Detox Cleanses & Diets

Detox Cleanses and Diets One thing I used to hear an awful lot of was the supposed benefits of doing a detox cleanses. Thankfully, either common sense or science is prevailing and you hear about this fad less and less. For those unfamiliar with the concept, detox cleanse are a process, often marketed by a

Fitness Myths Debunked: Maximum Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate As I wrote last time, I will be addressing several prominent and oft believed fitness myths that permeate the health and fitness world. When people come to me for a personal training consultation, they often tell me what their maximum heart rate is and how they have to be careful not to

Fitness Myths: Huge Ripped Women

Debunking Fitness Myths There’s a number of persistent and often times, funny fitness myths circulating throughout America’s gyms and online fitness forums. Since I’ve been doing personal training in Austin for as long as I have, you can imagine that I’ve been confronted by believers and preachers of these reality spinoffs any number of times.

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