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Group Fitness Classes VS Personal Training

Which Is More Beneficial? Group Fitness Classes VS Personal Training? Any time we decide to step out of our comfort zone and embrace something, or at least give it a shot, we may be able to reference our friend’s recommendations, a magazine article, or whatever the almighty Google has decided is in our best interests.

Finding A Personal Trainer

How To Go About Finding a Personal Trainer The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a personal training client of mine, who unfortunately for me, as I very much enjoy working with her, is moving out of state. It put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak, when she asked how

Should I Get A Personal Trainer?

Asking Yourself Should I Get A Personal Trainer? Should I get a personal trainer is something a lot of people ask themselves, especially around the time of New Years. One would think that I would be a tad biased on the subject as I’ve been an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, but honestly,

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Do You Know What to Look for in a Personal Trainer? When you have decided it is time to get in better shape, work past an old injury or imbalance, or train for a specific sporting event, you might consider hiring a qualified personal trainer. Gyms all over the world are filled with personal trainers,

Postural Imbalances: How to Fix Them

Suffering From Postural Imbalances? Whenever I have a potential client contact me about personal training, we will always meet for a consultation first. As long as I’ve been an Austin personal trainer, this has been my protocol, and that’s been for over 20 years now. The reason for the consultation is multi fold. It allows

Should You Be Changing Personal Trainers?

Wondering Should You Be Changing Personal Trainers? Few things in this world can remain a constant, other than time, perhaps. It doesn’t stop for anyone, or anything. In the rest of the world, things evolve, dissolve, and fluctuate. The health and fitness world is no exception. We may change gyms because we move to a

How Does Personal Training Work?

So, How Does Personal Training Work? A gentleman stopped by my gym this morning and was inquiring about doing some training with either me, or a member of my staff. Having never worked with a trainer before, he naturally had a host of questions regarding scheduling, pricing, duration of sessions, as well as frequency. In

What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know?

Exactly What Does a Personal Trainer Need to Know? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer as long as I have, naturally, you get a lot of questions. I often field workout questions, nutrition questions, physical therapy related questions, etc. Occasionally though, you’ll meet someone who’s either new to the field of personal training in

How Long Does it Take to Get in Shape? How Can You Speed Up The Process?

Are You Wondering How Long Does it Take to get in Shape? As a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years, I get asked a lot of fitness, nutrition, as well as, of course, exercise questions, and rather frequently. People ask me how much protein they should be consuming, how many reps or sets,

The Anabolic Window: What Is It & Does It Matter?

What Is The Anabolic Window? People throw around the term anabolic window like they throw weights around at the gym, but as often as people truly have a misconceived idea of how to lift weights, they just as often have the same, if not more, of a misunderstanding about nutrition. The term “anabolic window” has

Exercise Order: Which Exercises Should I Do First in the Gym?

Exercise Order: Know Which Exercises To Do First? One question I often get, is what exercise order should one do their exercises. That’s a very good question, but one that has an infinite number of answers. This matter, like any other fitness matter, exercise is a very personal thing and must be thought through and

Proper Gym Techniques

Proper Gym Techniques For YOUR Body The other day, a young man came into my gym for his usual work out. He is not a man of enormous physical stature, or strength, but rather one with a slight build and a shy personality. In fact, he will barely make eye contact when you greet him as he

Ripped Trainers: Another Fitness Myth

Do Trainers Need To Be Ripped Trainers? There’s a great many misconceptions and fitness myths circulating through the gym world. There’s a seemingly endless supply of misinformation regarding nutrition, techniques, body imaging, etc. A long time personal training client of mine, who is a physician, as well as a top level, nationally ranked, swimmer, told

I Need Motivation to Workout!

There’s many reasons why one would hire a personal trainer.  Expertise in nutrition, exercise,  physical therapy, physiology, accountability, but motivation?  Unfortunately, that’s one thing that will always fall short. That’s something that has to come from inside of you, the client. As a personal trainer in Austin for 19 years, I’ve worked with a vast

what is personal training

What is Personal Training?

Are You Wondering Exactly What Is Personal Training? What is personal training? To me, it’s just that. A personal trainer is not a hired friend, a therapist, etc. My job is to help you achieve your goals using a multifaceted approach that includes nutrition, exercise, and identifying and repairing weaknesses and imbalances, otherwise known as

How to Squat Properly & Effectively

Ready To learn How To Squat Properly? There are many leg exercises one can do in order to strengthen, stretch, and add muscle to the legs. There’s an equally great number of machines and contraptions available to aid you in your mission of leg improvement. The squat, is not only a great movement, for those

Benefits of the Bench Press

The Many Benefits of the Bench Press As a longtime Austin personal trainer and gym owner, I can assure you, that in the fitness world, there are a handful of exercises that are considered benchmarks for strength, as well as essential to perform if you stand any chance at all of becoming bigger and stronger.

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