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Protein For Weight Loss: Why It Doesn’t Work

Is Eating Extra Protein For Weight Loss Effective? As I have documented many times over my 23 years as an Austin personal trainer, on this website, and elsewhere, is that there is an enormous amount of hype, fads, and just plain misinformation coming from all corners of the fitness world. Nutrition is an area that

Soy Protein: Separating Fact and Fiction

Soy Protein: Is It A Healthy Option? With all of the questions surrounding fitness getting “answered” on trendy websites that cater to fads, as well as by personal trainers on fitness forums who are fresh out of the certification process, one of the biggest mysteries seems to be what is the best protein? There’s any

How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Wondering How Much Protein Is Too Much? In the health and fitness world there is a seemingly endless amount of theories regarding which exercises are superior to others. There are endless published and vocalized opinions concerning how many reps and sets need to be performed in order to accomplish a specific goal be it weight

Vegan Bodybuilding: Is It A Possibility?

Is Vegan Bodybuilding Possible? The health and fitness world is rife with advice on how many chicken breasts, steaks, and supplements we need to pursue bodybuilding, but we if we wanted to do something different? What if you are a vegan? Traditional bodybuilding with all the carnivorous delectables, has been well documented so coming across

Chocolate Milk: Is It Really A Good Post Workout Drink?

Chocolate Milk? Over my many years as an Austin personal trainer, I’ve written many blog posts and essays covering nutrition, supplements, workout theories, etc. There have been any number of the latest, and greatest products as well as, of course, “revolutionary” fitness ideas and methodologies that have come down the pike, that ultimately fall by

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