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The Difference Between Leg Press And Squats

What Is The Difference Between Leg Press And Squats? As a 20 plus year veteran Austin personal trainer and gym owner, one question I hear asked of me a lot at the gym is, what is the difference between leg press and squats? There’s a lot of different machines in the gym. Some machines are

The Best Leg Exercises: What Are They & Are They Right For You?

Searching For The Best Leg Exercises? What’s the best leg exercise I was asked the other day by a middle aged gentleman who was looking to pack a little more size onto his lower body. I could only reply, since we had just met, that the best leg exercises are the ones that are going

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Best Glute Exercises

What Are The Best Glute Exercises? One question I asked all the time as a longtime gym owner and Austin personal trainer, is what are some of the best exercises a person can do. Guys usually want to know what the best arm or chest exercises are, and women tend to want to firm up

Alternative Exercises: What They Are & Their Benefits

What Are Alternative Exercises? There are a lot of ways to accomplish most anything that you seek to accomplish. You can build a house out of any number of materials such as wood, brick, etc, and you will have a house. You can make any number of food dishes by using a variety of ingredients.

Alternatives to Squats

Are There Alternatives To Squats? As I mentioned in my previous post,  squats are a great leg exercise for a multitude of reasons.  I also mentioned that not everyone is capable of doing them correctly and thus would be tempting fate to try it. Thankfully, there are alternatives to squats. There are alternatives such as

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