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The Best Way To Stretch For What Ails You

The Best Way To Stretch Everyone, and I mean everyone, has some sort of imbalance or tightness in their body. It could be anything from a tight hip flexor, a knee that’s not tracking properly because of a tight quadricep muscle, a tight levator scapulae, and so on, but there’s going to be something. As

What Are The Best Stretches & Who Should Do Them?

Which Stretches Are The Best Stretches? The other day my wife and I were at a friend’s dinner party relaxing and enjoying catching up with old friends, when a lady I’d just met asked me the generic question of what are the best stretches? One thing that I have accepted about my chosen profession is

Should I Stretch Before Or After My Workout

Asking Yourself Should I stretch Before Or After My Workout? As I’ve pointed out several times before in previous writings, there is a lot of myths and what I call science fiction strewn about the health and fitness landscape. There is no shortage of sweeping statements, wonder pills, and amazing breakthroughs, that will give you

10 Fitness Questions Answered

Another 10 Fitness Questions Answered! Every so often, I like to post a different type of blog here. One with 10 fitness questions answered, as opposed to a longer blog, or essay, which focuses solely on one topic. Fitness questions abound, as does bad information. Hopefully this can clarify some of the common, as well

Warm Up Properly Before Exercising

How Important is it to Warm Up? There are a lot of known quantities when it comes to health and fitness. For example, we know with full certainty that if you want to get healthier, you’ll have to eat. That’s pretty basic stuff that doesn’t require you to be an Austin personal trainer for over

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