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How to Gain Weight Without Getting Fat

Want to Know How to Gain Weight? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years and a gym owner for nearly a decade, you tend to get a lot of fitness questions thrown your way. The most common is how to lose weight. People see all of the fad diets and approaches.

Bulky Women: Will Lifting Weights Transform A Woman Into A Man-Like Beast?

Does Weight Lifting Produce Bulky Women? One of the main objectives of this blog, has been to educate people about health and fitness by drawing upon my experience of 21 years as a personal trainer in Austin, as well as a gym owner here for nearly a decade. I have written many posts and essays

Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation: What You Can Do To Stay Fit

Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation Many people seem to go on vacation and return with more than they left with. I’m not referring to material possessions, but rather body mass. As an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, I have many times heard folks tell me about their upcoming vacation plans, including

Alcohol and Fitness: Is Drinking Alcohol Really That Bad?

Do Alcohol and Fitness Mix Well? Everyone is entitled to a little fun, and an indulgence can be a healthy thing, especially psychologically. Even hardcore weight lifters such as bodybuilders opt for a cheat meal on occasion. Alcohol and fitness has been been a subject of debate for everyone to the occasional sippers, to the

How To Put On Muscle

The Skinny On How To Put On Muscle It seems you can’t help but see articles and propaganda at virtually every turn on how to lose weight or how to put on muscle. Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, just have a look around and you’ll see all the magic cures promoted

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