Personal Trainer Austin: Andy Bruchey & How it All Began

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How I Became an Austin Personal Trainer

A question I hear with great frequency is how did you become an Austin personal trainer and gym owner? The true answer spans decades. Long before I was a successful personal trainer, I was a skinny little kid from New York City who marveled at the physiques of athletes and wondered how they were able to carve such physiques that were seemingly museum pieces from ancient Rome. I would set up “workouts” in my room with makeshift barbells and whatever props were at my disposal and set out to turn myself into Charles Atlas or whomever was pictured in Sports Illustrated. As the years ticked by, my interest grew. How could one start with an ordinary physique and transform it into something extraordinary? Besides how would you go about the process, the biggest question was where and how would you begin?

I started small, literally and figuratively. I decided to focus on just the bicep muscles and see if I could make an appreciable difference in it’s strength and hypertrophy. I would do curls for seemingly hours on end with minimal results. What could be limiting my progress was a mystery until I stumbled, quite accidentally, into the gym at Columbia University where my father was a professor, and saw these (enormous to me at the time) weight lifters. The thing I noticed other than their obvious size, was the fact that many of them were drinking from large jugs of water and snacking on bars, drinking protein shakes, and even consuming pre-made meals of chicken with rice. Food was the answer. It was now readily apparent that if you want to grow something, you need to feed it.

Not knowing the first thing about nutrition other than I thought pizza was quite tasty, I grabbed a book on the subject and began trying to decipher all these facts and theories about eating for hypertrophy, to eating for weight loss, etc. It was fascinating to me then and it remains so to this day. The thought that you can more or less change your body any way you wish if you feed it and work it properly was amazing to me, so I set off in search of more knowledge. I read every book and magazine I could get my hands on. I went to gyms and likely annoyed many with my questions but generally never passed up an opportunity to be quiet, listen, and learn.

Fast forward a few decades and I’m the one sculpting others and working with many professional athletes as an Austin personal trainer. I’m the one conjuring up custom meal plans based upon the needs and tastes of the clients. I’m the one who is doing physical therapy on people who are recovering from injuries or procedures or just simple muscular or connective tissue imbalances. How did I get to the point of owning a gym and being an Austin personal trainer to so many for so long? By never having lost interest in how the body works coupled with a heartfelt desire to help others succeed. 20 plus years into my career and a good 30 plus years after I decided to undertake my undersized bicep experiment, my passion hasn’t waned or withered in the slightest and I view each day as another opportunity to learn and help people.


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Personal Trainer Austin: Andy Bruchey & How it All Began
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Personal Trainer Austin: Andy Bruchey & How it All Began
Andy Bruchey was fascinated early on in life at one's abilities to change, repair, and improve the body. This is the story of how and why he became a personal trainer.
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Andy Bruchey- Complete Fitness Design
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