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Personal Trainer Austin: Andy Bruchey & How it All Began

How I Became an Austin Personal Trainer A question I hear with great frequency is how did you become an Austin personal trainer and gym owner? The true answer spans decades. Long before I was a successful personal trainer, I was a skinny little kid from New York City who marveled at the physiques of

What Is The Best Pre Workout Drink?

What Truly Is The Best Pre workout Drink? The other day I was asked by a young man in my gym what is the best pre workout drink? As a longtime South Austin personal trainer, I hear an awful lot of what I refer to as the best questions. What is the best way to

How to Become a Personal Trainer

Don’t be that Stereotypical Personal Trainer. This is How to Become a REAL Personal Trainer As promised last week, this week’s blog is about how to become a personal trainer. One of the best things about my job as a personal trainer in Austin, is when I work with truly motivated people. These are the

Fitness Myths: Detox Cleanses & Diets

Detox Cleanses and Diets One thing I used to hear an awful lot of was the supposed benefits of doing a detox cleanses. Thankfully, either common sense or science is prevailing and you hear about this fad less and less. For those unfamiliar with the concept, detox cleanse are a process, often marketed by a

Fitness Myths Debunked: Maximum Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate As I wrote last time, I will be addressing several prominent and oft believed fitness myths that permeate the health and fitness world. When people come to me for a personal training consultation, they often tell me what their maximum heart rate is and how they have to be careful not to

Fitness Myths: Huge Ripped Women

Debunking Fitness Myths There’s a number of persistent and often times, funny fitness myths circulating throughout America’s gyms and online fitness forums. Since I’ve been doing personal training in Austin for as long as I have, you can imagine that I’ve been confronted by believers and preachers of these reality spinoffs any number of times.

Being Ready to Get Started: Personal Training & Getting in Shape

Ready To Get Started? I’ve been an Austin personal trainer for 20 years now and I’ve had a lot of people come to my gym, the Austin Fitness Center, and tell me they were ready to make a life change and get started at finally lose the weight. They said that now was the time

Don’t Skip Your Workout!

Unless You’re Sick, Don’t Skip Your Workout! Everybody runs late on occasion. Some people obviously more so than others. If you have an appointment with your personal trainer and are late, come in anyway. If you blow it off with the mindset that it’ll only be a partial workout and therefor not worthwhile, you’ll be

Elementary School Wellness Day

Elementary School Wellness Day Was Awesome! Today was a fun day for me. My kid’s elementary school had what they called Wellness Day today and they had asked me to be a presenter as I’m a local gym owner and have been an Austin personal trainer for nearly 20 years. I’m a rather known quantity

I Need Motivation to Workout!

There’s many reasons why one would hire a personal trainer.  Expertise in nutrition, exercise,  physical therapy, physiology, accountability, but motivation?  Unfortunately, that’s one thing that will always fall short. That’s something that has to come from inside of you, the client. As a personal trainer in Austin for 19 years, I’ve worked with a vast

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