Gym Do’s and Don’ts: Good Manners and Gym Etiquette Are Required

Some Basic Gym Do’s and Don’ts

In a recent blog, I took a different approach than usual, and wrote a factual personal training do’s and don’ts. It was done with humor, but all of the “ridiculous” scenarios were completely unstretched truths and experiences from my 21 years as an Austin personal trainer. As many of you know, I also have been a gym owner for the past 9 years, having founded the Austin Fitness Center back in 2007 since I’m not a fan of most gyms or their stereotypical trainers. This provides me the opportunity to get my work done with my clients, offer the public a laid back, small, neighborhood gym, and all without the stereotypical mess that comes all too often with most gyms.
Read on, as I will follow the same formula as the Austin personal training blog wherein I will call upon actual events that have occurred over the years with quotes with a humorous slant. Read on for some gym do’s and don’ts.

Do Join my gym

Don’t tell me you want to train with me but are already a member of a different gym so you shouldn’t have to pay to workout at my place. Sorry, but I have to pay a lot of money to keep the lights on, and the a/c blowing cold. Paying dues to another gym, while using mine, isn’t going to pay for all of that.

Do stand next to your equipment, especially if you’re about to do another set in a moment.

Don’t load a machine all the way up with plates and then pose next to it knowing full well you couldn’t lift it if a million dollars hung in the balance. You lose even more points for taking selfies with more weight than a tug boat could budge.

Do cancel your gym membership if you are moving.

Don’t call your credit card company and tell them we are charging you fraudulently for your gym pass because you have moved but never bothered to cancel it. Unlike 7th grade, we don’t take attendance and it’s up to you to take responsibility as an adult and handle your business. Besides, we win those charge backs every time since a certified letter is required to cancel a membership. Thankfully, those people are very few and far between.

Do put your cell phone on vibrate and step outside to take calls out of consideration for other people.

Don’t let me see you talking on your phone inside the gym full of people when we asked you twice already to follow the rules of common courtesy. In one case, a “lady”, who was on a complimentary day pass and was apprised of the gym’s phone policy, told me to shut up as she was on an important call. She and her phone found their way to the parking lot unceremoniously to a round of applause.

Do ask me a question if you have one.

tell me you’re not interested in hiring a personal trainer, but insist on asking me, while I’m training a client, how to use every piece of equipment, what you should eat, and so on. If you don’t want to pay for personal training, you won’t be getting any. HEB has a similar policy regarding their groceries I believe.

Do be honest with yourself about why you aren’t losing weight.

Don’t blame it on other people who stock the shelves of the store with ice cream and candy bars. If you are over 4 years old, you should realize they are doing their job, and you have the option to make a healthy choice instead. This isn’t a gym do’s and don’ts, but it’s common sense, and personal responsibility is a thing some adults would do well to embrace.

Do allow others to work in with you on equipment.

Don’t pretend this is your home gym and scatter your belongings all over the place thus making it impossible for anyone to use any of the equipment. You lose extra points for yelling at people who are trying to use a piece of equipment across the room while you are on the treadmill.

One would think I wouldn’t have to include this in the list of gym do’s and don’ts, but this happened not too long ago. If you have been asked to leave the gym, as was the case with the woman in the above mentioned scenario, do not follow my truck around town honking at me and stalking me while I take my little boy to watch trains. There’s plenty of other gyms in Austin. Maybe some that condone that behavior. Who knows?

Do put forth a great effort in your workout.

yell and scream so we can all see how mighty you believe yourself to be. If you want to do voice over work for the porn industry, do it elsewhere.

Do wear appropriate attire to workout.

Don’t insist on removing your shirt and taking selfies in the mirror. You only remind us of a mosquito with an erection, floating downstream on it’s back screaming “Open the drawbridge, I’m going to hit”!

Do be religious if you so choose.

Don’t try to recruit the rest of us. A trip to the gym should not be viewed as a missionary trip.

Lastly, but very not least, smile, work hard, be good to yourself, and be good to others. Everyone will have a better workout, and a better day for it.

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My name is Andy Bruchey and I founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition and sports specific training.
Gym Do's and Don'ts: Good Manners and Gym Etiquette Are Required
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Gym Do's and Don'ts: Good Manners and Gym Etiquette Are Required
Longtime Austin personal trainer and gym owner Andy Bruchey reveals some important things you should do, as well as not do in the gym.
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My name is Andy Bruchey and I am a longtime Austin personal trainer having founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and sports specific training for professionals. Contact me today to see how I can help you!
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