Proper Form

The Importance of Proper Form

There’s a lot of different ways to approach fitness, just as there are a lot of different motivating factors to keep one engaged throughout their fitness journey. There are many possibilities you can explore, and there are many different goals, but no matter what they are, you must employ proper form if you are to succeed.

For example, you may want to slim down in order to able to be more active with your loved ones, or you may simply just want to add a little muscle in order to stabilize a certain joint, or imbalanced area. Wherever your motivations lie, it’s imperative that you set the proper and appropriate goals, and the work be carried out with precision, and commitment.

If it’s a stronger physique with greater hypertrophy that you’re seeking, it would behoove you to make sure that not only are you getting the proper nutrition in, but that you are doing the correct exercises, the correct way. In other words, using proper form. This is something that I have seen an awful lot of as an Austin personal trainer for the last 20 years. People have an ideal in mind and in the pursuit, forget all about feel. Instead they just sling, heave, and jerk the weights with zero regard for proper form. A lot of people, especially men, tend to progressively load the machines and bars with entirely more weight than is appropriate for them, and toil away without seeing much benefit. The fact that they don’t get injured more often sometimes amazes me.

In a gym, you’re there to construct something. You are there to build not just muscles, but better health through compositional changes. Egos get built in gyms too. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, so long as it’s based on accomplishment and reality. It’s also of great importance to keep the aforementioned ego in check. Too often you see people lifting with their underdeveloped self confidence and instead of building muscles, they are just building false egos. They are always easy to see because they are the ones swinging weights wildly, and using every last bit of leverage available to them at the expense of proper form which would be both beneficial, and much more functional.

Ultimately, these people will get hurt both mentally and physically without proper form. They at some point will have to face the fact that they haven’t truly built the physique they set out to build, or made the changes they set out to achieve. Furthermore, with an overzealous approach to inappropriately heavy weights, they are bound to exacerbate whatever tightness and imbalance they already have, thus leading to injury.

The best thing to do once you have decided to make a composition change and pursue a healthier, fitter new you, is to set your goals, stay determined and true to your cause, and finally, with subtle confidence, pursue the endeavor employing the right techniques and incorporating the right poundages. Goals are met that way and false egos stay checked at the door.

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My name is Andy Bruchey and I founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition and sports specific training.
Proper Form
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Proper Form
Longtime Austin personal trainer Andy Bruchey discusses why it is so vital to use proper form as opposed to trying to satisfy one's ego in the gym. You will accomplish far more, while reducing your risk of injury.
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Andy Bruchey- Complete Fitness Design
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My name is Andy Bruchey and I am a longtime Austin personal trainer having founded Complete Fitness Design over 20 years ago. I specialize in weight loss/gain, including the addition of quality, lean muscle mass, corrective flexibility, post injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and sports specific training for professionals. Contact me today to see how I can help you!
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