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Proper Form

The Importance of Proper Form There’s a lot of different ways to approach fitness, just as there are a lot of different motivating factors to keep one engaged throughout their fitness journey. There are many possibilities you can explore, and there are many different goals, but no matter what they are, you must employ proper

Alternatives to Squats

Are There Alternatives To Squats? As I mentioned in my previous post,  squats are a great leg exercise for a multitude of reasons.  I also mentioned that not everyone is capable of doing them correctly and thus would be tempting fate to try it. Thankfully, there are alternatives to squats. There are alternatives such as

How to Squat Properly & Effectively

Ready To learn How To Squat Properly? There are many leg exercises one can do in order to strengthen, stretch, and add muscle to the legs. There’s an equally great number of machines and contraptions available to aid you in your mission of leg improvement. The squat, is not only a great movement, for those

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