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Body Fat Types: Subcutaneous and Visceral Fats

Body Fat Types And How They Differ Just as with anything in health and fitness, we can make an observation or arrive at what seems to be a forgone conclusion about most whatever it is that you want to talk about. Upon scratching the surface, however, there are more often than not several layers, classes,

Why Diets Work If You Stick With Them

Why Diets Work Why diets work, whether it be a fad diet, or a medical diet, has always been intriguing to me as a long time personal trainer in Austin. As I’ve said many times in my blogs and in various essays both here on the site, as well as in various publications, there are

The Best Cardio Machine: Which Should You Use?

The Best Cardio Machine For You As a gym owner for over 11 years now and having been an Austin personal trainer for well over 20, I get a lot of “what is the best..” then fill in the blank questions. People will often ask which is the best type of protein, the best cardio

Protein For Weight Loss: Why It Doesn’t Work

Is Eating Extra Protein For Weight Loss Effective? As I have documented many times over my 23 years as an Austin personal trainer, on this website, and elsewhere, is that there is an enormous amount of hype, fads, and just plain misinformation coming from all corners of the fitness world. Nutrition is an area that

How Do I Firm Up The Back Of My Arms?

Are You Asking Yourself How Do I Firm Up The Back Of My Arms? As a personal trainer in Austin for over 2 decades, as well as a gym owner for over one, I hear a lot from women that they want to lose weight, make the caboose a little on the smaller side, etc.

should I run

Should I Run? Which Is The Best Cardio?

Should I Run? Should I run is a question I have fielded from any number of gym members and personal training clients over my many years as an Austin personal trainer and gym owner. It is widely held that running is the purest and most effective form of cardiovascular exercise as it pertains to weight

Why Am I Fat?

Asking Yourself Why Am I Fat? I had a rather amusing email land in my inbox the other day. It was from a young lady whom I have never met and she simply asked, why am I fat? Granted, I make myself readily available on such websites as quora, etc, and it’s not too hard

Swimming For Weight Loss

Try Swimming For Weight Loss! A lot of people think they know the best exercise for weight loss, but I’m a little skeptical. The reason for my skepticism, is that I see an awful lot of heavy folks jogging in the hot sun in their attempt to lose weight. While jogging is certainly a reasonable

Walking vs Running for Weight Loss

Walking vs Running For Weight Loss: Which Is More Effective? As long as there have been gyms, there have been fitness debates. These debates have taken place in many social circles such as within the scientific community, the gym rat community, the “bro science” community, and of course, if the walls could talk, they’d echo

The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight

Wondering What is the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight? Most of the questions I field as a longtime personal trainer in Austin, TX, are well thought out questions from people who often times, have little experience in the weightlifting and/or exercise world. I’m always happy to answer their questions, provided I’m not in the

How To Get A Flat Stomach

Wondering How To Get A Flat Stomach? When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer as long as I have, you certainly get to meet a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds and with an equally wide variety of goals. A lot of men want to become physically larger with big muscles, usually pectorals

How Do I Lose Belly Fat?

In all of the many years I’ve been a personal trainer in South Austin, as well as a gym owner, one of the most persistent questions asked of me is how do I lose belly fat? People ask everything from how can I get a skinnier face, to how can I increase my bench press,

How Can I Lose A Lot Of Weight Quickly?

Are You Wondering How Can I Lose A Lot Of Weight Quickly? One question I see asked of me online very frequently, is how can I lose a lot of weight quickly? It is a seemingly innocuous question, but the parameters of it are so large, because so much of that question is open to

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

Wondering How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight? Everybody wants instant gratification, no matter what it is that we’re talking about, and fitness is no exception. I often get asked how long will it take for mew to put on 25 pounds of muscle? How long will it take me to be able to

How Important Is Nutrition? Eat To Reach Your Goals!

Wondering How Important Is Nutrition? Being a personal trainer in Austin Texas is a great job. Austin is a very active and fitness oriented City. We have many miles of hike and bike trails, many fitness centers, many lakes, and many businesses that revolve around health and fitness incorporating our beautiful climate. Austin is a

Treadmill Or Elliptical: Which Is Better?

I’ve spent a lot of hours writing on this site, per request, answering to the best of my professional abilities about what the best whatever it was I was asked about. People are always wanting to know what the best form of cardio is, whether they have any real intentions of doing it, or not.

Obesity: 11 Linked Cancers And Other Associated Illnesses

Obesity Is A Killer It’s long been known that there is a definitive connection between having too much body fat, and the subsequently heightened possibilities of getting cancer. Obesity, in fact, has become a very widespread public health concern across the world as it not only has been definitively linked to certain cancers, but to

How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

Are you Asking Yourself How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight? Are you asking yourself how many calories should I eat to lose weight? A lot of people are, and unfortunately, they’re getting the wrong answers. In my essays and blogs, as well as in person with my clients over my 22 years

Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Asking Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting? Every day, people decide they want to get in better shape. Maybe they have an aesthetic goal. Perhaps it’s just a matter of dropping a set number of pounds they are interested in doing. Other times in rehabilitative. There’s plenty of reasons and motivations, and as an Austin

How Can I Lose Weight?

Asking How Can I Lose Weight? Sometimes the questions I get from people at my gym, or via e mail, are very simple sounding and straight forward, but if you scratch the surface a little, you realize that there’s much more going on than one would initially summarize. Since I became a personal trainer in

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Are You Wondering What is the Best Way to Lose Weight? When you’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years, it goes without saying that you get asked a lot of health and fitness questions. People want to know what the quickest way to accomplish their health and fitness goals are. They

Losing Fat: Where Does it Go?

When Losing Fat, Where Does it Go? I’ve always not only welcomed questions on this blog, but encouraged them as well. As long as I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, I’ve been asked an incredible variety of fitness questions over the years, but the one I got yesterday from my 7 year old daughter

Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation: What You Can Do To Stay Fit

Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation Many people seem to go on vacation and return with more than they left with. I’m not referring to material possessions, but rather body mass. As an Austin personal trainer for over 20 years, I have many times heard folks tell me about their upcoming vacation plans, including

Nutrition Myths: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

4 Common Nutrition Myths Over the many years I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin, I’ve written many times about proper nutrition. There’s a never ending supply of misinformation and nutrition myths floating all over the internet, from YouTube, to message boards, etc. Naturally, everyone has different fitness goals, as well as different needs, but

How often Should I Workout With A Personal Trainer

Asking Yourself How Often Should I Workout With A Personal Trainer? When people contact me with an interest in doing some personal training with me, we always set up a free, no sales pitches, etc, in depth consultation. The purpose is to get a greater understanding of what the potential client is interested in achieving,

5 Fitness Questions From The Readers Are Answered

5 Fitness Questions Answered In a recently written essay, I answered 10 commonly asked fitness questions. I’d like to continue where I left off with that in this blog by answering 5 fitness questions that I frequently get asked. When you’ve been an Austin personal trainer for as long as I have, you can imagine

Cardio: Why Cardiovascular Exercise Is Important For Weight Loss

What is Cardio? Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio, as it’s known by many, is a term used to describe aerobic workouts. While doing exercises aerobically, it means that we are using oxygen and our fat stores for fuel. Anaerobic workouts, such as heavy weights for a limited number of repetitions, is the exact opposite of cardio.

I Can’t Lose Weight: What Do I Need To Do?

I Can’t Lose Weight You Say? Nothing is working they say. I’m doing everything I can they say. I’m eating right, I’m exercising, and I can’t lose weight. I have bad genetics they say. I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years now, as well as a gym owner for 9. I

Fast or Slow Weight Loss: Does it Matter?

Does it Matter if it’s Fast or Slow Weight Loss? When we are trying to lose weight, there are many different approaches we can take. We can embark on a new fitness regimen. We can embrace a diet. Ideally, we would do both for the best possible results, but what about speed? Does it matter

Fitness Questions Answered By A Real Personal Trainer

Fitness Questions Answered This site has been a labor of love for me over the many years that I’ve been an Austin personal trainer. I update the blog every 4th day, usually, and write a lot of essays as well. In either format, I address one subject and support my views with facts, science, and

Weight Loss Tips From An Austin Personal Trainer

Want Some Weight Loss Tips? No matter the subject, there’s no shortage of advice from those who truly are educated in that specific field, and likewise, there is no shortage of advice from self proclaimed experts. Fitness is no exception, especially when it comes to weight loss tips. Turn on YouTube, and you’ll find a

Distilled Water: Why Would You Consume Distilled Water?

Why Would You Consume Distilled Water? There’s a lot of specialization when it comes to nutrition in the health and fitness world. As a personal trainer in Austin for 21 years, and a gym owner for nearly a decade, I have definitely seen my fair share of it. For example, there’s a lot of different

Being Ready To Workout: It’s Not Just Physical

Are You Really Ready To Workout? The other day, a long time personal training client of mine said to me that his wife, whom I have known for many years, was interested in returning to the gym at some point. She was ready to workout he said, but had to get ready first. Naturally, I

Weights or Cardio First? Which Is Better To Build Muscles & Be Lean?

Should I Do Weights Or Cardio First? I’ve been an Austin personal trainer for 20 years and a gym owner for just over 8. As a gym owner, I’ve seen an enormous amount of heart and effort from members, success stories, and exuberance. Unfortunately, I also have seen my fair share of fitness mistakes, fitness

Intuitive Eating: Effective for Weight Loss?

Is Intuitive Eating Effective For Weight Loss? There is a new trend in the health and fitness world known as intuitive eating. Intuitive eating, by definition, is the practice whereupon you simply listen to your body, and satisfy your earnings, and cravings. Some people in the fitness and wellness industry had cited studies, though flawed,

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